Supervised Implementation

Supervised Implementation of Architect Drawaings


Our Architects, Engineers and Supervisors make sure that the site construction is done as per the drawings. Regular Site visits make sure that there is no confusion between the building agencies and the architectural teams. Practical difficulties in construction sometimes require changes to be made in the architectural drawings which can be better understood through site visits. A large number of building owners have the complaint that the architects dish out drawings from their office without coming to the construction site. Not with Panjwani Architects.

Supervised Implementation of Architect Drawaings

Quality of Construction

Our Supervisory team makes sure that the quality of construction is good and as per the standards expected by the client. The quality of finish is extremely important for getting a fine product and this can be achieved only through strict quality controls and proper supervision. Our civil engineers make sure that the civil work is as per the drawings and no corners are being cut by the construction company. Right mix of cement, concrete and steel is important to deliver a sturdy earthquake proof building.

Supervised Implementation of Architect Drawaings

Finishing and Interiors

Finishing is a fine art and our supervisors make sure that the workers are not allowed to take short cuts in their work. No area is left unchecked and the quality is strictly adhered to. The supervision makes sure that the work is done as per the schedule and there are no time overruns resulting in a lot of saving for the client in terms of the interest cost. Timely completion of the project also means that the opportunity cost is not incurred and all the other agencies are also comfortable because they can do their work as planned.