Architectural Services

Site Evaluation & Investigation

Our Services include the evaluation of the site and investigating the legal title of the site on behalf of our client. We also give our services in doing market research for the kind of business that the client wants to undertake and the suitability of the site for that kind of business in that location

Site Planning & Layout

Our team will be providing you with the Site Plan and Layout which is essential for getting approvals from the authorities. These plans are made on a scale of 1:200 and takes into account the land use zoning, access, circulation, privacy, security, shelter, land drainage, and other factors.


During the first few meetings with the client our team does the programming for the building which means that we would create the essentials that the client requires from the building which depends on the function. Our team can work in the reverse manner also where external design comes before programming.

Concept Planning

Concept planning is a good idea which should be done prior to the actual designing. Our team will discuss with the client the core idea behind the design which is then reflected in the entire design process. This helps in incorporating the desire of the client in the final designs.

Schematic Design

This is the first step for delivering the final design. During this phase our team will discuss with the client about the project goals and requirements. This step sometimes precedes the Programming and sometimes is done once the programming is finalized. During this phase rough drawings are delivered to the client.

Character Appropriation

Architectural Character Appropriation is done to draw on the best architectural properties as well as to assimilate the culture of the region or the country in the drawings. The building should not stand as the odd one out but rather be a part of the general cultural environment of the surroundings.

Model & CAD Rendering

At this stage our team prepares the Model for the building as well as the Computer Aided Design Rendering and also 3D Rendering by using advanced sophisticated softwares. This helps in reducing the time taken for the development of the project and also reduces errors in implementation.

Design Development

At this stage our team would be delivering detailed floorwise designs for the various segments like civil work, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring, Ceiling. These drawings will help in determining the quantum of work and develop the BOQ for each segment.

Tender Documentation & Specification

We do not restrict ourselves to just the designing part but also help the client in developing the Tender Documents which include the specifications for each segment. The detailed BOQ helps in standardizing the tender documents and also helps the contractors in giving the right price for their work.

Detailed Project Report

Detailed Project Report is required about any project to determine the total cost of the project implementation which is essential for applying to the bank for loan for the project. It is also important to have the budget before starting the implementation part.

CAD, Drafting & Detailing

Our Team will provide the computer aided designs with complete drafts and detailing of each section of the building so that there is no confusion in the minds of the engineers, supervisors and contractors. Changes are made in these drawings during the implementation stage if new requirements come forward.

Curtain Wall, Skylight & Space Frame Design

Conceptualizing the Skylight which takes care of the daylight inside the building and also the aspects of heating and cooling and then preparing detailed designs for these is also a part of our architectural services. Metal and Glass are mainly used for these purposes.

Tender Evaluation & Award

Our team also assists the client in evaluating the tenders and then awarding the contracts to the best bidder who has the reputation and the credibility in execution. Timely awards of the contracts is an essential part of timely completion of the project and prevents cost overruns.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration is an important part of any project execution and our team assists the client in correctly administering the contracts which includes checking the quality and quantity as well as timely and appropriate release of the payments to the various contractors during the construction phase.

Supervised Implementation

Supervised Implementation is the cornerstone of our architectural services. Our supervisors and engineers provide regular site visits to ensure that the implementation is as per the plan. They also clarify the doubts of the contractors so that mistakes can be minimized which helps in reducing the costs and time of implementation.